How to Run Every Day for More Than 40 Years With Scott Ludwig

Running Every Day for More Than 40 Years

Some of us are lucky if we are able to run 5 days a week. Others even more fortunate may have been able to put together a streak of months or maybe even a couple years. Streaks are hard to maintain because so many things can get in the way; injuries, life, extreme weather…

On today’s episode we interview Scott Ludwig who has run every day since November of 1978. Now that’s a lot of miles and a lot of years!

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Boston Marathon, Western States 100 and many more

Scott has stories about the big races like the Boston Marathon, the Western States 100, the Peachtree 5K and the Badwater 135 and the little, hidden races around much of the country. Chances are, over the 40 years of pounding the pavement, he’s run a bunch of them. He currently lives in a town that is part of the filming of The Walking Dead and directs a race that has evolved from that connection.

Running Out of Gas – his most recent book

This man is definitely a runner with a personality and a commitment to running! He has written several books on running and his recent book, Running Out of Gas is a fun collection of his experiences running around the country. Scott will entertain you and educate you on many of the races you may be considering in your running bucket list and perhaps some you may never have heard of before.

Questions Scott is asked:

4:19 First Four:

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where were you born?
  3. Where do you live now?
  4. What is your favorite race distance or type of race?

5:25 What is considered a ‘Run’ for streak purposes and what is the association that’s involved?

6:42 What does it take for you to get out and run everyday?

8:58 What is your connection to The Walking Dead?

11:42 How do you document your runs?

12:44 Do you have any New Year’s resolutions about running?

13:54 You have several races that you have run many, many times. Which ones and why?

15:24 What about some of the big races you’ve run?

16:44 Are you running Boston this year or are you done with marathons?

18:05 Were you in Boston in 2013?

19:40 When did Running Out of Gas come out and what motivated you to write it?

20:56 Are you still doing 20 mile runs on Sundays?

21:29 What about your ‘Springiness’?

23:10 You have run some of the toughest ultras in the country and call 4 of them them your Grand Slam. Tell us more about each:

    • JFK 50 (2000)
    • Badwater 135 (2003)
    • Western States 100 (2004 and 2006)
    • Comrades Ultra Marathon – (2011)

34:01 What about your experience running in the rain?

35:55 What do you mean by “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”?

37:01 How much icing do you have on your running cake now?

38:44 What has running meant to you in your life?

40:12 Any other thoughts?

45:48 Final Kick Round:

  1. What is your favorite local training run (location, starting point, parking, distance, terrain and safety issues)?
  2. Favorite running book(s)?
  3. Words of Wisdom or Humor?
  4. Who or what would you like to have featured on the Run To The Top podcast?

Quotes by Scott:

“The hardest part of my day was over before I even got to work.”

“Don’t shoo away the storm, because then you can’t dance in the rain.”

“The only one you can impress with your running is yourself; there’s no one else to impress. No one else is impressed by your numbers or your times. If you’re talking to a non-runner, they don’t even understand what you’re saying anyway.”

“I do my best thinking in the morning when I’m running, whether it’s planning my work day, figuring out what i want to say to my employees about something, and then it started evolving into what am I going to write.”

“When you’re a runner, the world is your bathroom.”

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