Run to the Top Special – The Greatest Hits of 2017

As we enter the bell lap for 2017, I wanted to do something a little special for this week’s episode.

Just as it’s good to reflect back on a season and extract all the learning moments, I wanted to reflect back on the best lessons from Run to the Top this year, and to do that I asked for your help.

Today’s show will include Run to the Top’s greatest hits of 2017 as chosen by our very own listeners: runners who made incredible strides mentally and physically thanks to the wisdom, inspiration, and perspective shared in this year’s interviews.

In this podcast, those runners will share their favorite episodes and what they gained from them followed by a little segment from each show.

Whether these episodes are new to you or you’ve heard them before, I hope the lessons within both help you reflect back on 2017 and serve as a springboard into your best year yet.


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Clips from Listeners’ Favorite Episodes:

2:41 Danny Dreyer

13:49 Jonathan Beverly

27:28 Dr. Simon Marshall

37:24 Michael Hammond


“Where do most of the running injuries happen?….From the knees on down….So what does that tell you? People are using all the teeny tiny, much smaller muscles to run with instead of all the big strong muscles in the middle.” – Danny Dreyer

“I love that phrase ‘run yourself into the ground.’ That’s how a lot of people run: into the ground instead of across the ground.” – Danny Dreyer

“The kinetic chain starts at the hips, and if your hips are off, then everything else is going to be off. So the focus needs to move up, and [foot strike] is the consequence of an effective stride – it’s not the cause of it. If you try to correct the consequence without addressing the cause, you end up with a mess.” – Jonathan Beverly

“Because we’ve been sitting so long, a lot of us can’t actually [extend our hips] anymore….If we try, it’s sort of like opening a screen door that only has a hinge one way. If you’re pushing it the other way, you’re going to break the door frame.” – Jonathan Beverly

“Our brain is just like a tree: if you cut open a tree and you count the rings in the middle, the part in the middle is the oldest part and the part on the outside is the newest part. So the part you actually see when you look at the human brain – the wrinkly cortex part on the outside – that’s where all our rational, logical thinking happens, and that only really only started to develop over the last two million years.” – Dr. Simon Marshall

“[The limbic system or the “chimp brain”] is very primitive, and it’s goal is to keep us alive. So it feeds us very powerful feelings and impressions to get us to run, fight, or hide.” – Dr. Simon Marshall

“A huge part of staying positive is putting things in perspective from a LIFE standpoint, not just a running standpoint.” – Michael Hammond

“Injuries will show you what your real priorities are.” – Michael Hammond

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