How to Maximize Training for Busy Lives – with Duncan Larkin

If an airplane wing is too rigid, the plane will crash, and according to author and marathoner Duncan Larkin, the same is true for us runners.

When we adhere too closely to our training plans or even, as Duncan says, the tenets of his own books, we don’t leave room for two crucial details: one, that each of our bodies is different and possesses its own unique ebb and flow and two, we’re just plain busy.

For most of us, running isn’t our number one priority and our schedules don’t always perfectly complement our training – and that’s okay.

However, to optimize our performance and steer clear of injury, it’s important to be flexible and emphasize quality over quantity in training, and that’s the basis of Duncan’s new book, The 30-Minute Runner: Smart Training for Busy Beginners.

Duncan writes for Outside Magazine, Runner’s World, and ESPN to name a few, and he was on the show in 2017 to talk about his second newest book Run Simple: A Minimalist Approach to Fitness and Wellbeing.

In this episode, Duncan shares with us a little about his new book and his tips for maximizing training when you lead a busy life (which probably applies to you if I had to guess).


Questions Duncan is asked:

3:44 How and when did you get into running?

6:34 Can you tell us a little about your prior book Run Simple?

9:52 Is your new book, The 30 Minute Runner: Smart Training for Busy Beginners, more about quality over quantity with training?

12:43 Why did you deliberately separate yourself from top 1% runners in your book?

14:53 Can runners at all levels benefit from this type of training efficiency?

17:54 What do you mean by “Equilibrium Shifts” and why do you talk about them in this new book?

21:51 Was there a time where you had to shift your equilibrium and how did you overcome any difficulties in that process?

24:58 How long did it take you to shave 70 minutes off your marathon PR?

28:44 What are some tips for listeners to remember to help them adhere to New Year’s Resolutions and Equilibrium Shifts?

30:59 Why do you believe runners should not follow training plans too strictly?

34:34 What do your 30-minute training structures in the book look like for beginners vs. more seasoned runners?

39:04 When it comes to a super-busy runner, how could they prioritize different training sessions and workouts?

42:29 How can we stick to our goals while not having them be daunting?

44:55 How can we set stretch-goals without them being so massive they have a negative effect on us?

48:36 Where can listeners learn more about your book and follow you online?
51:02 What’s on tap for you next?

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