Will a Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Ever Happen? An Interview With Dr. Philip Mafetone About His New Book “1:59”

Philip Maffetone

With the incredible speeds at which Kenyan and Ethiopian runners are running marathons these days, one of the hottest questions in the running world is: When will the 2-hour marathon be broken?

Some, including this week’s guest Dr. Philip Maffetone, believe that it should have already happened.

Dr. Maffetone is a longtime physiotherapist who has worked with some of the best endurance athletes in history, including 6-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Mark Allen and 9-time New York City Marathon winner Grete Waitz.

In his new book
1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon
, Dr. Maffetone outlines how he thinks that the 2-hour barrier will be broken, from training to nutrition to shoes and more.

Some of the key points of our discussion included:

  • 1:59 and why Dr. Maffetone decided to write it
  • The idea of “maximum aerobic heart rate” and why he thinks this concept is the key to improvement in the marathon
  • Dr. Maffetone’s idea about the role barefoot running in the sub-2:00 quest and how to go about transitioning to that style of running
  • The somewhat unique idea of spread out, “slow weights” strength training sessions

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Links and resources mentioned in this interview:

Get 1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon here

Dr. Maffetone’s website

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