Introducing the New Host of Run To The Top: Stephanie Atwood

This week we introduce, certified nutritionist, award winning speaker, best selling author, running coach, certified rafting guide, AND the new host of the Run To The Top podcast, Stephanie Atwood.

Stephanie is the founder of Go Wow Living and host of the “Active After 35 Thrive To 105” podcast.

In this episode, we learn about her background and listen as she shares secrets she’s learned from helping other runners throughout her career. She has a great perspective on redefining success and failure and believes in creating different successes. It’s easy to forget that the very act of stretching out of comfort zone, even if we fall short of our ideal goals, is still a worthy accomplishment.

Butch Cassidy counseled the Sundance Kid in the movie’s opening, “Every day you live, you get older.” and the same is true for runners. However, there comes a day, a session or a race where we have to accept that our fastest days may be behind us. This doesn’t mean we need to stop running or competing, but a healthy mental paradigm shift is sometimes needed to refocus our motivation to stay active as we age.

In our busy and hectic lives, it’s easy to overemphasize training to the point where it becomes unhealthily all-consuming. Stephanie talks about the concept of “Periodization”, which allows people to build up for a couple goals, but also structure down time to enjoy other important areas of our lives.

Please join us in welcoming Stephanie as we are sure her insight and experience will help you become, not just a better runner, but a better, happier and healthier you.


Questions Stephanie is asked:

2:33 Where did your sense of adventure and general love of life originate?

8:31 At what point did your passion for nature shift to a passion for helping others?

10:27 How do you think these experiences will influence your interview approach on Run To The Top?

12:16 How have you been able to help people through the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone?

18:11 What are some of the other important lessons you share with athletes?

26:32 What is your approach to athletes who are concerned with aging impacting their performance?

34:52 What motivated you to put a focus on nutrition?

41:51 What can you tell us about your podcast experience and what are you looking forward to as the new host of Run To The Top?

Quotes by Stephanie:

“We can overcome almost any kind of obstacle.”

“You’re moving out of one zone of success and yet, you haven’t failed.”

“Give yourself time to get your body in shape, but also to be able to stay active for the rest of your life.”

“If you’re a 50-year old or if you’re a 30-year old, it’s going to be different because of what’s going on in your life than if you’re a 15- year old who is just building up your body and still has the most important part of your training, strength and speed ahead of you.”

“It’s more important that we can be active for the rest of our lives than that we are going ot be Olympians.”

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