Are Maximum Cushion Shoes the Latest Innovation in Running Footwear? An Interview with Hoka Brand President Jim Van Dine

hoka one oneJust when you thought barefoot/minimalism was the latest trend in running footwear, Hoka One One completely turned the tables by introducing runners to what is now called “maximal” running shoes.

The maximalism concept debuted by Hoka in 2010 appears to be gaining momentum.

But what is a “maximal” shoe?

Simply speaking, maximal shoes are extremely soft, typically seen with oversized foam midsoles, and designed to provide more cushioning and in theory reduce muscle fatigue.

For well-read runners, this new type of shoe flies in the face of what they’ve been reading about minimalist shoes since Born to Run was published.

After all, haven’t we been hearing that overly cushioned shoes encourage you to develop poor form?

To help answer that question and provide some answers is Hoka One One brand president Jim Van Dine, who is going to explain the technology and research behind the maximal shoe movement.

Among the topics that Jim and I discussed were:

  • The history of Hoka
  • The new maximal trend in running shoes
  • Hoka’s recent involvement in track and shorter distances
  • The future and goals of the brand

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