Closing the Gap Between Who We Are and Who We Can Be – With Adam Goucher & Tim Catalano

Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano ran together at the University of Colorado under esteemed coach Mark Wetmore, and it was there that a lasting friendship was born.

Tim and Adam went on to pen a book inspired by their combined experiences and studies called Running the Edge, and it is a book as much about life as it is about running.

Running the Edge served as a philosophical foundation for their business, Run The Edge, a community of fitness and fun based in Boulder, Colorado.

The ultimate goal of Run The Edge is to help people around the world improve their fitness and overall well-being and to encourage all levels of transformation and growth through community support.

Adam and Tim are big believers in the power of reflection and self-awareness, and as they strive to help others better themselves in running and beyond, they’re continually working to do the same.

Take a listen and learn how the power of positive psychology can help us close the gap between who we are and who we can be.


Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • Adam and Tim’s running background
  • Key principles in their book, Running the Edge
  • How successful running and successful living are intertwined
  • The importance of self awareness
  • Why having multiple sources of passion is important
  • How the challenge of running changes as we age
  • Questions Adam & Tim are asked:

    3:56 How did you start running and what sparked your interest in it?

    8:01 What inspired you to write your book Running the Edge?

    10:53 What are some of the principles from the book?

    12:47 How do these principles relate to your company and how did you come up with the name Run The Edge?

    15:02 What are “The Six Mirrors”?

    16:27 Did you have any learning or self-discovery moments as you wrote the book?

    20:59 What is the dynamic like of being longtime friends and working together?

    24:27 Did this dynamic exist between you back in college?

    27:04 How do you advise people to find other passions without sacrificing their running?

    31:30 What advice do you give to older runners, especially older beginners, who may be past their peak conditioning?

    35:20 In your book, what do you mean by the Distance Maven and how did you come by that term?

    40:29 What is your Amerithon Challenge?

    44:55 Is there a time frame requirement for completing the challenge?

    46:40 Can people join in any time after the launch?

    47:34 Are most of your clients in America or overseas?

    48:15 What’s in the future for Run The Edge?

    Quotes by Adam & Tim:

    “It’s weird how (running) can make you happy and miserable all at the same time.”

    “We didn’t want to write a normal running book.”

    “Am I applying myself to the point where I’m working as hard as I can and doing things the right way? Because if I am, then I will be successful.”

    “Here’s what I really am. And here’s my ideal self, which is where I could be and try to look at the gap between those two things.”

    “Awareness is the key. Once you are aware of your shortcomings, you have the ability to fix them.”

    “You’ve gotta be more than a runner.”

    “I’ll never be as fast as I once was, but that doesn’t mean I can’t challenge myself to do new and different things.”

    Take a Listen on Your Next Run

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