Find What You Love and Work for it- Chiara Gandolfi

Will you help me give a wedding present today?

My guest didn’t start out as a runner, in fact, she did not start running until one year ago.

Chiara was a springboard diver who was inspired to run by the most powerful force of all: love!

As new runners, we all know how magical that first run can be, but today’s episode is truly for the romantic runner.

Chiara shares one of the most romantic relationship stories I have ever heard about how her fiancé Francesco inspired her to become a better runner and a better woman.

She’s discovered a whole new world of health and fitness that would not have been possible if she and Francesco had never met, and she shares with us how a new perspective on running can inspire change in your whole life.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss today:

  • How running compares to other niche sports
  • How feelings for a significant other can inspire your perspectives on health and exercise
  • Tricks and training to make running less boring
  • What it’s like to be newbie in the running community
  • How to get your non-runner friends into running
  • How running fits into the most romantic marriage proposal
  • The greatest advice Chiara ever received and more in our Final Kick Round!

Running does not make us sweaty or gross, but it shows us at our best. Become part of a wedding gift for two people brought together by running.

Questions Chiara is asked:

3:40 A little background about Chiara and today’s unique episode

6:17 How did you and Francesco first meet?

7:36 Were you and Francesco living in the same country at the time?

8:33 How did running strengthen your feelings for him?

9:50 Did you have any previous experience with running before?

11:12 What do you think about runners?

13:00 How did Francesco tempt you into running?

15:10 When did you start to see the perks of running?

17:00 How do podcasts help with your running?

19:35 Did you worry about not fitting in with other runners when you started?

20:57 When did you and Francesco start running together?

21:27 How can us runners get others involved in running?

24:10 How are you inspired by Francesco and other runners?

26:50 Were you intimidated by competitive running?

28:35 How do you play the part of the supportive partner?

30:35 What is it like to have Francesco as a coach?

33:15 Why is encouragement so important?

35:18 What advice do you have for new runners?

37:20 Where are you getting married at?

38:27 How did Francesco use running when he popped the question?

41:55 Is running going to play into the wedding in any way?

43:18 What advice do you have for runners running their first race?

45:10 Any last words for Francesco on today’s episode?

47:50 Our Final Kick Round!

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Quotes by Chiara

“The moment I laid eyes on him I thought ‘he is the one!’. And he is!”

“It was more of a gut feeling. It wasn’t entirely rational, I think, but the feeling was that if someone is willing to go the extra mile, literally with running, means he’s a person who doesn’t take the easy way out. Not just in running, but also in life.”

“I kept up with running because it was practical. When I was traveling, there was no better way to get some exercise.”

“Podcasts really help with running. It was able to take my mind off the sense of fatigue or boredom and focus on something else.”

“Slowly, I just realized that running was really only about me, and I really didn’t care if other people judged me…If it made me feel good, it was good.”

“As a person involved in competitive sports, you have to have certain values.”

“People are a lot more accepting than we think they are. So we shouldn’t be afraid of being sweaty and tried because I don’t our partner only likes us when we’re pretty.”

“Inspiration is something you get from external things, but motivation you have to get from yourself.”

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