Back to the Basics: Why You Should Ditch Your Gadgets – With Duncan Larkin

Okay, well at least occasionally 🙂

That’s what marathoner and writer Duncan Larkin argues in his book Run Simple: A Minimalist Approach to Fitness and Well-Being.

Duncan, who also writes for Outside Magazine, Competitor Magazine, Runner’s World, ESPN, and Running Times, believes the best way to maximize running’s mental and physical benefits is to get back to the basics.

While the book is full of training regiments and advice for increasing quality over quantity, it starts off with one resounding message: ditch your gadgets.

According to Duncan, runners have become slaves to their electronic devices, and, believe it or not, this reliance can be detrimental to both performance and the very value of a training program.

In this interview, Duncan shares with us the principles of his simplistic training philosophy, a little about the coaches and runners who swear by it, as well as a sneak peek at his upcoming book, The 30-Minute Runner: Smart Training for Busy Beginners.


Questions Duncan is asked:

3:36 How did you first get into running?

5:44 What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

8:25 How did your love of running evolve into a career?

11:41 What are the principles behind your last book, Run Simple?

15:30 What effect did you see in your running when you ditched your gadgets?

17:43 Why are there so many workouts in a book about simplifying running?

20:37 What tips do you have for people trying a more intuitive approach to training?

24:34 What types of runners would benefit from this approach?

26:15 How does your training method differ from others, especially more ‘sensational’ programs?

30:56 Who were your biggest influences for simplified training?

34:02 What feedback have you received from runners who have adopted this approach?

36:09 Is your new book, The 30-Minute Runner, a continuation of Run Simple?

40:06 How will training for 30 minutes a day help various runners meet their goals?

42:47 How do the targeted strength training exercises you offer in your new book maximize efficiency?

45:44 Can you touch on a few different types of busy people who might benefit from this book?

49:18 What’s the biggest tip you can give to busy runners?

Quotes by Duncan:

“When I first got the idea for Run Simple, I was really into the peacefulness and the simplicity and the humbleness of East African runners – and even Japanese runners.”

“The whole world is so plugged in that it would be good to use your running to check out.”

“I call it – I think it’s in the book – this ‘analysis paralysis’: you get paralyzed with all this data.”

“You’re gonna hit all this resistance and all these excuses and all this stinkin’ thinkin’ stuff that you’ve got to overcome.”

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