Masters Courses

  • Injury Prevention Course

    This is the ultimate injury prevention course, broken into three sections and guaranteed to help get you or keep you injury-free. Learn why you’re getting injured, find your weaknesses and where you’re susceptible to injury, and get specific plans for how to prevent.

  • Heavy Lifting for Runners

    A 10-week progression that teaches you how to add heavy weight training to your running to improve performance. We’ll tell you exactly what exercises to perform, how many sets and reps, and what weight to lift.

  • Nutrition for Runners

    The first nutrition plan for runners that combines simple, specific weekly instructions to easily transform your diet with extensive course material to help you lose weight, fuel for the marathon, determine your needs, energize your runs, and plan your meals.

  • More to Come

    We’ve just started adding courses, so we will be adding more in the coming months