Online Coaching with Jay Johnson

This is your chance to get 24/7 coaching and a hand-written training schedule from one of America’s most knowledgeable and innovative coaches

Jay Johnson Running Coach

  • Experience the difference of being coached by one of the nation’s best

    You’ll learn the exact training strategies and innovative workouts I used to coach three athletes to US Championships in the last 3 years.

    More importantly, I’ve learned how to adapt the training strategies of elite athletes to runners of your ability level. When I present you with a workout to complete, not only do I understand the physiological benefits of the session, I’ve personally seen it work and I understand just how you’ll feel. This experience allows me to appreciate both your mental and physical struggles and tailor the training to your abilities and your goals.

  • Get immediate answers and feedback

    With the innovative RunnersConnect training platform, you can log your workouts and instantly send me all your splits and workout details for feedback . This allows me to answer your questions quickly and with the data needed to keep you on track.

  • Knowledge

    Don’t settle with following a template schedule or applying a coach’s method from books and the Internet. You’ll personally experience and benefit from my years of coaching knowledge, as well as my in-depth study of how exercise physiology applies to the running in the traditional classroom setting. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best athletes and coaches in the United States and the world. You’ll feel like you’re being mentored by running legends and coaching greats.

  • Individualized Guidance

    To get the results you deserve, it is essential that you maximize every mile you run and each workout you complete. I don’t write cookie-cutter training. Your schedule will be uniquely designed to capitalize on your strengths and address your specific weaknesses. Moreover, we’ll constantly adjust to get the most from your body.

  • Adaptability

    I can make adjustments to your schedule whenever you need them to ensure that you’re always on track. Despite how hard you’ll try, not every workout will go as planned. Work, family, weather, your social life – they can all be factors that force you to adjust the schedule. With a simple email, I will help you get things back on track without missing a beat.

To ensure that each runner we work with has the absolute best training experience and our full attention, we limit the number of athletes we personally coach. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a coach, don’t wait around this time. Be one of the few who take action, rather than the many who wait around saying “someday.”

How Personal Coaching Works

Step 1. Consultation

The first step in the coaching process is the initial consultation, during which I will learn as much about your running background, goals, and time commitments as possible. The consultation will be conducted via email or telephone, whichever method is most convenient for you. The more information you provide, the better I can tailor the schedule to you.

Step 2. Training Schedule

After the initial consultation, I will start writing your training program. Typically, I will create a long term plan in “pencil” with the goals you hope to accomplish and the road-map for how to get you there. After outlining the long-term plan, I will send you the first three or four weeks of training in detail, which includes daily mileage, paces, ancillary training and everything you need to know. I send out the training in three to four week blocks because it helps us keep the training flexible and adaptable to your progression.

Training and coaching is delivered through our innovative training platform which allows you to see the details of your schedule, log your workouts, and interact with other runners in the RunnersConnect community.

Step 3. Review

Once you receive the training schedule, review it and make sure you understand all the workouts and it fits your expectations. If you have any questions or require any adjustments, get in touch with me and I will adjust as necessary.

Step 4. Execute

A training plan is only as good as the person who can follow it, so do your best to follow the schedule. Certainly, we know that this is never 100% possible; this is why you got a coach! Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask questions along the way.

Step 5. Adjustments

I will follow your training daily through our training platform to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from each workout and recovering properly. I will make modifications to the schedule to ensure success and take your progression and adjustments into account when I write your new schedule.

What is the cost

Personally coaching is $169.95/month.

We accept most major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Paypal, which also supports international payments. Your information is stored on a secure third-party server for your protection. When you sign up for your membership, our system will set up recurring payments for you so you don’t have to log in and repay each month. You can stop the coaching anytime, there is no long-term commitment required.