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Coach Chat – April 28th

How to prepare optimally for your race  Training in race week - mistakes to avoid Nutrition - how to eat to maximise performance and dodge GI distress Sleep - why the night before doesn’t matter so much Preparation is key - have your kit tested and ready The 24-48 hours before the race Questions Is […] Only Runnerconnect Premium Members can access this content. ... 

Coach Chat – April 13th

Returning to running after injury or missed training - Why you shouldn’t try to ‘make up’ missed training or mileage - How to get back on track: - After 1-5 days - After 6-10 days - After 10-15 days - In what situations should you try to make up missed workouts - The mental side […] Only Runnerconnect Premium Members can access this content. ... 

Coach Chat – March 31st

Marathon Nutrition  Nutrition during the taper Carb loading Planning for travel The pre race meal Race day Fuelling during the marathon Hydration during the marathon Questions If you are having trouble with hip pain during training, what do you suggest? Do you recommend tasting a little salt throughout your marathon, if you are also consuming […] Only Runnerconnect Premium Members can access this... 

Coach Chat – March 3rd

Mental toughness and overcoming bad races  Bad races Put things into perspective Use it as a learning experience Find the positives Allow yourself a certain amount of time to ‘grieve’, then move on, set new goals Mental Toughness Train the mental as well as the physical Don’t shy away from challenges in a workout Replicate […] Only Runnerconnect Premium Members can access this content. ... 

Coach Chat – February 17th

Recovery and Injury Prevention  Make sure you are doing the basics first - sleep, good nutrition, rest! Ice baths might not actually be helping Stay away from ‘hacks’, ‘gadgets’ and ‘supplements’ UNLESS you are nailing all the basics For injury prevention, sensible training progression and a good strength program are your best tools Everything else […] Only Runnerconnect Premium Members can... 

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