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February 20, 2017
Allowing those mental barriers to defeat you in a race can quickly destroy all your hard work in training. Build your mental toughness with these 5 tips to building your emotional strength, so you can run your best on race day.

How to Break the Mental Barriers Preventing Your Running Success

This guest post was written by Allie Burdick How many times have you been out running, feeling strong, and confident, when for one reason or another, those negative voices start to creep into your mind. The mental aspect of running is important, we know... 

January 2, 2017
Getting back into running after years off tests us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sarah Russell is sure to give runner motivation to make it through the struggles and find new beauty in running using the growth mindset, even if your fastest running is behind you.

How to Use the Growth Mindset to Make a Comeback

Getting back into running after years off can bring physical, mental, and emotional struggles. Regardless of whether you are returning to running after an injury, you lost your passion for running, or life just got in the way, getting back into running... 

December 26, 2016
Snow, sleet, rain, heat. We rarely get to run in perfect conditions, but sometimes, trying to get motivated to run seems almost impossible. Helpful tips to get you out the door when you aren't motivated to do anything.

Finding Motivation to Run in Bad Weather

As much as we may love to run, every runner needs running motivation from time to time. Especially during the dark, winter months, when the bed is cozy and warm, and motivation to run in the morning is at an all time low. If this is you, and you are... 

December 12, 2016
Which one to try first? Fartlek training can be used year round to help runners of every level to get faster and kick start your body back into hard running. Here are 7 fartlek workouts to try.

How Fartlek Runs Will Make You a Better Runner (Plus 7 Workouts to Try)

In this day and age of GPS watches and uploading your runs to Strava, many runners are dialed in to very specific paces and distances for their speedwork. And that’s fine; if you want to know how to run faster, this has its important place in your... 

December 8, 2016
Looking for gifts or stocking stuffer for runners? We have the best running books of 2016 through recommendations of our run to the top podcast guests. These are the best running books as suggested by the 2016 runners connect podcast.

The Best Running Books 2016 (Run to the Top Guest Recommendations)

  If you are a longtime listener of the Run to the Top Podcast, you will know that at the end of the interview, we ask each guest five questions for the final kick round. If you are unsure what you would like to ask for this holiday season, and your... 

October 10, 2016
If you have ever wondered what makes a good runner, or what the difference is between jogging and running, this is the article for you. If you are having trouble believing that you are an athlete, here are 10 ways to build your confidence as a runner, and start believing that YOU are a real runner.

10 Ways To Make You Believe You are an Athlete

There’s been quite a bit of social media buzz, and media in general, dedicated to the topic of what makes someone a “real runner.” It’s clearly something that many runners grapple with. Am I a runner or a jogger, and what is the difference... 

September 19, 2016
Running is hard. Running never gets any easier. Running breaks your heart. So how do people get addicted to running? This glimpse into the mind of a pro runner helps to explain why its worth sticking with it, as the rewards are worth it, and it will help you discover who you really are.

How to Find Peace When Running Breaks Your Heart

Taking the good with the bad. It can be hard to find peace in a sport when things don’t go right, and actually things often go very wrong, over and over again. Running is for everyone (no matter what some people say!), but how long it takes to get addicted... 

June 27, 2016
Running and traveling DO mix! Staying fit while on vacation can be tough to motivate yourself to get it in. This runner guide gives 10 hacks to get your running in this summer.

10 Tips You Need To Know For Successful Running While On Vacation

Off on a family vacation this summer? You can still train. Yep, not only is it possible, but it can be the kick we need to rekindle our passion for running again. Some of my best runs and races have occurred on vacation. I’ve run a 35k trail race in... 

May 30, 2016
Road racing in the summer CAN be fun, but it can be miserable for runners. Here's a helpful guide of how to enjoy your summer running, and suggestions of which races are good ones to try.

5 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Summer Racing Season

We have a few more weeks of somewhat pleasant running weather before the temperatures really soar and we start to question why we were so excited for the summer running season. We start to dream of snow and cooler weather; runners are never happy! For... 

May 23, 2016
We LOVE our coffee! Numerous studies have proven it improves performance, but could it help runners recover too? It looks to be the case! As if you need even more convincing, there are another 7 reasons to add caffeine to your diet.

9 Reasons You Need to Consume Caffeine (#7 Will Surprise You!)

The pre-race coffee or espresso shot is a ritual for many runners—the reliable performance-boosting effect of caffeine is just too good to pass up. We talked to Sweat Science author Alex Hutchinson about it, and he noted that taking caffeine is one... 

May 2, 2016
The runner blues are more common than we realize, but are often brushed under the carpet. Why do runners feel depressed after a big race, or especially, after we are sidelined with an injury? Here are 7 helpful tips to help you find your mojo again.

7 Ways to Overcome the Runner Blues When You Are Struggling

If anyone tells you that runners don’t get the blues, you know they’re not a runner. Yes, we enjoy all the lovely endorphins that come with our favorite pastime, but as a runner, we occasionally get depressed. Things like injury, bad races, or even... 

April 25, 2016
Love that there is now research on social media! Interesting findings in this article! Sharing our news on social media is normal, but is it helping or hindering self-confidence and self-esteem of runners? To stay happy, here is what to share.

Are Your Online Sharing Habits Destroying Your Confidence?

Social networking sites have never been more popular among runners. You can share your training with your friends, check how your segment PRs stack up against other runners in your area, and check up on what pro athletes do for training, eating, and recovery. Whether... 

February 29, 2016
I had no idea down weeks were so important! Your bones actually get weaker before they get stronger, but down weeks can help runners stay healthy and get stronger. We found some shocking research that could change the way runners look at building mileage.

3 Reasons You Need to Add Down Weeks into Your Training

Stress and recovery: these are the basic units of training. Everybody knows this; preserving the balance between stress and recovery is why you take an easy day after a long run or a hard workout. Hopefully by now you know that research has shown that... 

February 1, 2016
Learning how to breathe while running is tough, especially when your lungs feel like they are going to explode. This article is helpful in explaining which method may work best for you, and how to run efficiently as you improve.

Is There a Best Breathing Rhythm To Run To?

One of the most common problems faced by particularly those new to running is lack of breath. After all, it’s hard to run very far if your lungs feel like they’re about to burst out of your chest. As is so often the case when we start something new,... 

January 25, 2016
I hate running on the treadmill, but in the winter, some days we just have to get on with it. How to know which days to brave the cold, and which days to deal with the monotony. Also some helpful running tips for winter running. Great post!

3 Reasons You Need to Run on the Treadmill this Winter

By this time of year, there’s no denying it—winter is here to stay. Like me, you probably groaned when you had to dig out your winter running gear from the back of your closet. Sure, you could gear up and run outside every day over the winter... 

January 11, 2016
New Years Resolutions are common, but few stick to them. Make sure you are in the minority with this runner friendly, helpful guide showing you how to make sure you achieve your running goals this year, no matter how big or small.

Apply These 4 Techniques to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions

Have you ever kept a New Year’s Resolution? The Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that only 38% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution and of those who do, only a fraction (8%) actually achieve it. Why are the odds so stacked against you... 

September 28, 2015
Most runners have experienced runner's high, but struggle to explain it. How can we reach that euphoria while running more often? We found some interesting research, and wanted to share 7 tips to help you find your runner's high.

You Want the Runner’s High? Read This

Do you remember when you first started running and someone asked you if you had experienced the runner’s high? Or maybe you are brand new to running yourself, and you have heard others talking about it. Most of us imagined a moment where you feel... 

July 27, 2015
It can be difficult to determine a racing schedule to allow you to reach your goals, and run fast when it matters, at your goal race. This article explains how to plan your training and racing, depending on how much you like (and have time to) race.

How to Plan Your Racing Schedule for Success

When it comes to racing, there seem to be two types of runners; those who race often, competing in many marathons a year, thinking about their next race before they have even made it out the finishing chute of the last, and spending most of their training... 

June 29, 2015
The mental aspect of racing is almost more important than the physical training you have done to get there. These 9 tips are great for switching your perspective when those negative thoughts emerge.

9 Ways to Overcome The Negative Thoughts in a Race

We hear that running is 90% mental, and we know that once you let those negative thoughts come into your mind, they can quickly send you backwards as your thoughts spiral out of control. So why is there not more out there helping us with the mental aspect... 

March 9, 2015
Ultra marathons are gaining popularity, but what makes them so special? We look into the research to see if it is safe, and explain why you should give it a try! Beware, you may get addicted!

Why You Should Not be Scared of Running an Ultra

Technically an ‘ultra-run’ is defined as anything longer than the standard marathon distance ggf 26.2 miles. But that’s where any similarity ends.  Terrains and distances of organized ultra events vary enormously. There are some incredible iconic...