Articles on Injury Prevention

November 23, 2010
Learn exactly how much fitness and conditioning you'll lose from missing running due to injury or sickness.

Losing Running Fitness: A Scientific Look at How Much You’ll Slow Down When Not Able to Run

How much will taking a few days off from running hurt my fitness? It’s one of the most common questions I get from runners struggling with an injury, fighting the flu, or hesitant to take a much needed rest from training. As runners, we are all paranoid... 

November 4, 2010
We have all been there. Wondering if that soreness in our muscles will ever go away. These 9 tips helped to reduce the recovery time, to feel better sooner.

9 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness After a Hard Run

Running fast workouts and nailing long runs is a key part of the training process. During the run we are feeling strong, pushing through that pain, and when we finish, we are greeted with one of the best feelings in the world; the runner’s high. We... 

May 18, 2010

How the Workout and Recovery Process Works

Being a running coach is a lot of fun. I get to talk with people the majority of my day about a sport I love, which you really can’t beat. What I find myself doing most often is trying to explain the basic principles of running and how the whole training... 

May 13, 2010
Why recovery runs are as important, of not more important, than the hard workouts themselves, and how to make sure you are running them right.

How to Know if You are Running Easy Enough on Your Recovery Days

As a continuation of my series on Running with a Purpose, I want to talk about the importance of easy recovery runs. Runners, whether they are beginners or experts, have an inherently obsessive and compulsive mind set when it comes to training. Any running,... 

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