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Ready to Stay Injury-Free, Run Faster and Achieve Your Goals (and SAVE 20%)

Get a Custom Training Plan to Help You 

  • A personalized training plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Miles, KM, any length of time or race distance!
  • Specific instructions for each workout, including detailed paces, how to execute, and the science behind your run
  • Strength training and cross training built into your plan. Plus, a schedule that adapts to your progress
  • Access to our expert coaching staff via stream, forums and weekly live video coach chats who provide feedback on every workout you log
  • Direct integration with your favorite training and tracking devices, including iCal, Garmin, RunKeeper and iSmoothrun and more

Here's a Quick Look at How It Works

A Training Plan Built Specifically for YOU 

Your training schedule is custom created and meticulously written just for you. We take data from your previous training data, current PRs, best training days and develop a personalized training schedule that is uniquely suited for your work/life schedule, strengths and weaknesses to ensure you get the most of your running. No more wondering how to tweak your schedule to you!

Prevent Injuries and Overtraining From Derailing Your Progress

Strength training, cross training and injury prevention work is built directly into your training plan.  

If you struggle with injuries, we also have full treatment plans to get you healthy plus will make sure your schedule builds you up safely and takes your injuries into account. 

Our expert team of coaches is also here to make sure you’re doing everything correct. When you log your workouts, we’ll give you feedback if you need to adjust your next run and answer any questions you have.  

We Make Sure You Understand Your Workouts

Each workout is accompanied by an in-depth explanation of its purpose with a link to an article that further explains the concept as well as how to execute. You’ll never do your workouts wrong for lack of understanding again.  

We also have a training timeline that helps you see where you are in your training cycle and provides more information not directly linked to training, like nutrition for the marathon, race strategies, down weeks and more.

Save Time, Stress and Make Running More Enjoyable

You choose which days you want to run, which days you want off and we design workouts to fit your schedule. 

We also make it easy to export and import your workouts to your favorite training and tracking devices, including iCal, Garmin, RunKeeper and iSmoothrun.  

You can also download our app and get text reminders of your workouts so you have access to your training schedule on the go and whenever you need.  

Get the Motivation, Accountability and Consistency You Need to Stay on Track

RunnersConnect members span the globe and are racing every distance from 5k to the ultra marathon while ranging from runners taking their first step to Boston qualifiers. 

We connect you with a supportive team of busy runners just like you to inspire and motivate you after a bad workout or pat you on the back after a great session.

Now is your chance to save 20% (for life) on our custom training schedules. That brings your cost down to just $39/month for a custom plan, coaching support and amazing resources to help support your running goals!

Don't Take Our Word for ItSee how we've helped runners just like you achieve their goals

  • Beginner Runners

  • Joy Duling - Training To Lose Weight, Get Healthier, and Run Her First Race
  • Dean Roberts - From Often-injured Beginner to Healthy, Racing Veteran
  • Paige Poray - First Time Runner Finishes 5K in Just 2 Months
  • Kimberly Dewrell - First Time Marathon Finisher
  • Boston Qualifiers

  • Eric Nordquist - 25 minute PR to get under new Boston Qualifying standards
  • Peter Tiscione - Needed to drop 4 minutes to qualify for Boston...PR'd by 10 minutes
  • Rich Heinzeman - Personalized workouts result in a 9-minute PR
  • Richard Harris - From First Race Ever to Local Elite
  • Masters Runners

  • Mike Bosch - New-to-running Masters runner becomes one of Canada's best
  • Kara Schmidt - Experienced Masters runner rekindles her passion for training and racing
  • Tim Parker - From Often Injured Master's Runner to New Personal Bests in 6 Months
  • Jim Cherry - A 16 Minute PR at 10k
  • Runners with Hectic Schedules

  • Dan Frengel - Working Around an Unorthodox Schedule For a 10-minute HM PR
  • Hannah Jennings - Teacher Works Around Busy Schedule to Crush All of Her PRs
  • Laurette Balinsky - Busy Lawyer Adapts Training to Break 19 Minutes for 5k

Frequently Asked Questions 

 How many weeks is the plan? 

 As many as you need or want - the plan is completely custom.  

Our plans assess your strengths and weaknesses and write custom workouts to address your weaknesses before starting the race-specific training.  

 Do you work with kilometers or miles? 

Both - your plan will be written in whatever one you wish 

 Do you support GPS devices? 

Yes, you can export your workouts to upload directly to your watch or favorite running app. You can also import directly to your plan to log your workouts. 

 How long do I need to be a member? 

There is no minimum membership length. You can cancel anytime.  

That’s the beauty of a customized plan. We don’t make you conform to 12, 16 or 20-week blocks. You can cancel anytime, there is no minimum membership length. You’ll be charged only for the time you spend as a member. 

 Who will my coach be? 

You will have our team of coaches to help you train. When you log your workouts and post them to the stream, one of our coaches will provide feedback and answer any questions you have. 

 Do you work with runners like me? 

Absolutely. We work from absolute beginners taking their first step to those running sub 3 hours for the marathon. Check out the case studies above and I think you'll find a runner who resembes you.

 Do you work with Masters runners? 

 Yes, masters runners are our main focus. Most of our members are 35 and older, with our oldest being 73.  

Since we write our plans completely custom we factor in your age when it comes to recover, mileage, etc.