Jeff Gaudette

Coach Jeff Gaudette

Are You Making These 3 Common 5k or 10k Training Mistakes?

Join us for our FREE webinar on the 3 most critical elements of 5k and 10k success and how you can specifically target these essential physiological factors in training.

This webinar is for you if...
  • You’re a first-time racer or veteran worried about getting hurt because you’re trying to do training your body isn’t ready for.
  • You want to develop your speed so you can race faster at shorter distances
  • You've plateaued with your race times and you want to learn how to finally break through.

Here's what you'll Learn...

  • The physiological demands of the 5k and 10k distance We'll discuss the specific challenges of the 5k & 10k distance for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners so you can understand why certain workouts work and why some don't
  • Phases of 5k training I’ll walk you through a full schedule with sample workouts within each phase (foundational, race-specific, and taper).
  • The purpose and benefit of race-specific workouts I'll get into detail about how to execute and the specific benefits of a variety different workouts.
  • How to Develop your speed We'll discuss how to develop the speed you need to run faster at the 5k and 10k distance
  • Answers to Your Questions I will answer any questions you have about 5k and 10k training.

I'll see you there!
Coach Jeff

What other runners are saying about Jeff's webinars

Michael explains training in a way that no other has ever done. Simple, exact, and actionable. Love it!- Michael Vaknin

Just did a free webinar with RunnersConnect on common marathon mistakes: WOW. 90 minutes jammed packed with amazing content! I've read a lot of training books and these theories and explanations make so much sense. - Jolene Hallas

Thank you Jeff for such an awesome webinar. I've completely changed my thoughts on my upcoming marathon thanks to you. Your ideas make so much sense and really explain why I keep bonking at mile 18- Ricky Hollis

As usual, Michael and the RunnersConnect team goes beyond all the simplistic advice you normally find in magazines and backs up all theories with research and pratical examples. - Brian Connors

Makes so much sense and amazing this information isn't available elsewhere. More importantly, highly actionable advice!- Jackie Hultz