A Detailed Look at the Diet of an Elite Marathoner

In 2014, Jeffrey Eggleston was the 3rd American at the Boston Marathon. At the time, it was a big PR and one of Jeffrey’s best races to date (He also finished 13th at the World Championships in 2013). Not to be outdone, Jeffrey traveled to Australia earlier in July to compete in the Gold Coast […]

Can Pickle Juice Really Cure Muscle Cramps?

Last week we took a look at what causes exercise-associated muscle cramps, the painful and seemingly random muscle spasms that can fell everyone from recreational marathoners to professional basketball players. Popular wisdom holds they’re caused by a lack of electrolytes, but scientific research shows that it’s more likely that muscle cramps are due to the failure […]

4 Lessons We Can Learn from Runners on Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs)

It seems like every few months, another runner that I know gets caught using performance-enhancing drugs. This past week, the situation struck eerily close to home. A runner recently caught using EPO (Mo Trafeh) is someone that I’d met many times. My second race as a professional runner was the USA 10 mile championship in […]

How to Calculate Your Exact Hydration Needs

When the temperature outside heats up, hydration becomes a big obstacle for distance runners. The running community in Minneapolis is indignant about malfunctioning drinking fountains at parks and along popular running trails which were damaged by frozen pipes over the winter. This has thrown off the regular hydration routines of countless local runners as the […]

Is Dehydration & Electrolyte Loss Really the Cause of Your Leg Cramps?

Have you ever gotten cramps during a race or workout? If so, you know how debilitating they can be. Basketball fans got a memorable example of that during the 2014 NBA finals. In a sweltering-hot arena, star player Lebron James hit the ground after an easy layup, then grimaced and grabbed at his leg, stricken […]

Can Beetroot Juice Improve Running Performance?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an all-natural supplement you could take for a guaranteed boost in performance with no harmful side effects? That’s the claim made for beetroot juice, a vegetable juice that has awkwardly settled somewhere in between “food” and “dietary supplement.” Beetroot juice comes from the humble beet (as it’s known […]

Energy Gels for Runners: How They Work and When You Should Use Them [Members-only blog post]

It wasn’t long ago that runners relied solely on water, sports drinks, and maybe some flat cola as their primary carbohydrate supplement during marathons and half marathons. Luckily, our understanding of sports nutrition (specifically how glycogen is used during the marathon) has improved to the point that we now have a plethora of products to […]

Should Your Marathon Drink or Fuel Contain Protein? The Research on Taking Protein During a Marathon Race

To drink protein mid-run or not to drink protein mid-run? When it comes to marathon nutrition, there is no simple answer and there are heated arguments on both sides of the debate. Depending on who you talk to, you may leave a conversation convinced that your performance sports drink must be infused with a 4:1 […]

Do Electrolytes Actually Prevent Marathon Cramping? Do We Need to Replace Them at All?

Pretty much any sports drink you can find on the market will have three main ingredients: water, sugar, and electrolytes. The need for water is pretty self-explanatory—you sweat out a lot of it, you get thirsty, and your body instinctively urges you to take something to drink. The weather and the intensity of your workout […]

Can Taking Antioxidants Like Vitamin C Help You Recover Faster Between Workouts?

Last week, we took a look at some research on recovery after a marathon or ultramarathon.  Some scientific experiments, though not all, have indicated that taking vitamin C supplements before and after running a very taxing race like an ultramarathon can decrease your risk of getting sick in the weeks following the race. The logic […]