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Do I Need to Take an Iron Supplement?

Iron levels are undoubtedly an important consideration for any runner. We hear over and over how important iron is to running well, and most of us know at least one runner who has talked about their issues with not getting enough iron. Last month, we talked to one of the researchers of iron studies, Pam Hinton, […]

Will Magnesium Improve Recovery and Increase Strength?

Runners are always interested in one of two topics; injuries or how to get faster. If you are struggling with some kind of niggling pain, or even worse, you have been forced to take time off, you spend a lot of your day searching for answers on the internet. (Although we hope you can stop searching […]

Do You Need to Take Fuel During Your Race? Find Out Here

You already know how important it is to consume carbohydrates during a marathon. Running at a fast pace plows through your carbohydrate resources, and if you run out, you’ll be forced to slow down substantially. Marathoners call this “hitting The Wall.” Even though The Wall doesn’t occur until about 22 miles into a marathon for […]

Do Runners have a Free Pass for Unhealthy Eating?

When trying to lose weight, what is the first form of exercise that comes to mind for most? If you said running, you would be correct. As runners we are proud of our sport, and we love to reap the rewards of our hard training and dedication to getting faster by indulging in some rewards […]

Could Eating More Butter Help You Run Faster? The Sock-Doc

I don’t know about you, but I try to pride myself on being honest. I try to share my feelings, and talk about things as much as possible to make sure everyone knows that I am only human, and not interested in coming across as perfect. I love talking to other people who have that […]

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nutrition

Today we are going to chat with Jason Fitzgerald (Founder of Strength Running) and Anne Mauney, the creators of the Nutrition for Runners Program. Nutrition is complicated, and can be a somewhat confusing topic, so we are going to focus on actionable tips that you can use right away to start eating better. Jason and Anne […]

Do You Absorb More Iron Cooking in a Cast Iron Pan?

Do you get enough iron in your diet? Many runners don’t, especially women. One study of female college athletes found that 31% were iron deficient!1 One method you might have heard about to increase the amount of iron in your diet is cooking your food using cast iron cookware. Absorbing iron from your pots and […]

Bonking vs. Fatigue vs. Cramping: What You Need to Know

The first step to fixing any problem is accurately identifying what is causing the issue. Got a leaky faucet? Before you can do any good, you need to figure out if the leak is coming from the handle, the spout, the pipes or something else. Only then can you solve the problem. It’s the same […]

UCAN for Marathon Nutrition: A Review of the Research to See if it Really Works

Is Generation UCAN a groundbreaking product when it comes to marathon nutrition? Or, is this yet another case of manipulating research studies to make marginal improvements seem more significant. That’s the question we’re going to try to answer by delving into the actual research studies during this interview with Evelyn of the Carbsane blog. Evelyn […]

How to Calculate Carbohydrate Intake After Your Overnight Fast

It’s long run Sunday (or Saturday), and your alarm wakes you. How can it be time to get out of bed already?! Are you one of those runners who just rolls out of bed, puts on your shoes, and wanders out the door half asleep? If so, you might be curious whether you’re going to […]