Can Vitamin C Help Improve Recovery from the Marathon and Ultramarathon?

If you’re looking for the ultimate challenge in long-distance running, you’ll find it in the marathon and ultramarathon. While most runners are familiar with the marathon distance, fewer (although the number is increasing) have heard of or run an ultramarathon before. A term reserved for races that are further than the standard 26.2 mile marathon, […]

Marathon Nutrition Strategy of Elite Runners: What You Can Learn and Apply to Your Training to Prevent Bonking

Over the past several weeks, we’ve had a lot of articles on the various aspects of fueling for the marathon, including: does carbo loading work, how to calculate electrolyte loss, the best fueling sources for the marathon, a 3-step process to determine your refueling needs, and how to calculate when you’ll hit the wall. To […]

Does Carbo-Loading for a Marathon Work? If So, What is The Best Way to Do It?

In previous articles, we’ve seen how critical fueling is in the marathon. Without enough carbs to get you to the finish line, you’re bound to “hit the wall“—that is, be forced to switch to burning mostly fats at a huge cost to your pace and of course your overall finish time. The most obvious way […]

The Importance of Electrolytes During the Marathon (and how to calculate your sweat rate for optimal replenishing)

In previous articles, we’ve looked at why fueling is important in running long races like the marathon.  Taking in fuel in the form of sugar will allow you to get all the way to the finish line without hitting the wall. But another fueling concern we haven’t addressed is the loss of electrolytes via sweat. […]

Gels, Sports Drinks and Gummies: Which is the Best Fueling Option for the Marathon

It’s hard to overstate the importance of fueling in the marathon. Without proper carbohydrate intake, you’re going to have a very difficult time making it to the finish without “hitting the wall” and slowing down drastically.  We’ve covered in two previous articles how to calculate when you’ll run out of glycogen and how to calculate […]

A Simple 3-Step Formula Guaranteed to Prevent You From Hitting the Wall During the Marathon

Last time, we got an introduction to fueling issues in the marathon and reviewed a neat study on how you can predict whether or not you’ll “hit the wall” by running out of carbohydrates in your next marathon. Today, we’re turning our attention to how to avoid the wall by refueling our carbohydrate reserves while […]

How to Calculate and Predict When You’ll Hit the Wall During a Marathon

“Hitting the marathon wall” is a much-feared and much-discussed phenomenon in marathoning.  Runners speak ominously about a sudden wave of fatigue that sets in at about 20 miles into a marathon.  At this point, they say, the race is half over. Contending with the wall is a problem whether you’re an elite runner or recreational […]

Gluten-free Diet for Runners: The Missing Link Or The Latest Fad?

The gluten-free diet has taken off in recent years and instead of being viewed as nutrition therapy for a handful of medical conditions, it may inadvertently be the new “fad diet.” I don’t want to use that term in a negative way because the gluten-free diet is a well-researched, generally healthful, and medically necessary diet […]

Could Eating Too Much Protein Increase Your Risk of Stress Fractures?

What you eat provides not only the fuel to get you from point A to point B while running, but also the raw ingredients for all the stuff that makes up your body. Eating properly is especially important to competitive runners as your body needs to be able to withstand and adapt to the rigors […]

Managing Lactose Intolerance and Preventing GI Issues

In workouts or on race day, you want everything to go right.  One of the most common things that can go wrong is in your gut: an upset stomach, digestive problems, cramping, bloating, or gas can all put a serious damper on a run, workout, or race. Today we’ll be taking a look at lactose […]