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Coaching and Training Plans

Custom Training Schedule – $39-$49/month

The RunnersConnect membership is our most popular training option for beginners and experienced runners alike.

We’ve compiled data from the training plans of thousands of successful runners, applied the coaching principles of world-renowned coaches, and added in our 40 years of collective coaching experience. The result is a completely customized training schedule that is uniquely suited for your work/life schedule, strengths and weaknesses.

Even better, we support you with coaching via our training platform and connect you with like-minded, supportive, and dedicated teammates. It’s the perfect training option for runners of all ability levels who want to run faster, train smarter, and revolutionize the way they train.

  1. Strength training, cross training and injury prevention workouts built right into your plan. No more guessing about how and when to fit everything in – we take care of it for you.
  2. Your training plan adapts with you while you train. As you log your workouts, we’ll analyze your data and adjust your plan to ensure you’re always performing the most optimal workouts.
  3. Access anytime to our expert team of coaches to tweak your training, answer your questions and ensure you stay on track.
  4. Training timeline to help you visualize your progress and understand the holistic development of your plan.
  5. Easy to understand and in-depth explanations for why you’re doing every workout on your schedule. This helps you understand how every run fits together and instills belief and confidence in your training
  6. Access to our weekly live video coach chats, coach-monitored forums, and activity stream so you’re always learning, training smarter, and have the answers you need.
  7. Connections with runners of your experience level and those training for the same race distance to offer support, motivation and encouragement throughout your training
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Personal Coaching – $169.95/month

Personal coaching is our premier, most comprehensive and supportive coaching option, providing access to your coach full-time.

You get unlimited questions, phone calls, and emails with your coach. You will be provided with a personalized schedule for the entire length of your training cycle right up until the big race and beyond. Your coach will analyze your training daily and make necessary adjustments as you progress through the training cycle.

Personal coaching is perfect for the experienced runner looking to breakthrough to new personal bests or the new runner intimidated by their first race and anyone runner looking for the one-on-one attention only an expert can provide

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Strength Training Routines

The most comprehensive guide for how to add strength training to your running schedule.

I’ll give you exact prescriptions on which exercises to do and on what days you need to do them so you can maximize benefits without getting too tired to run your hard workouts and easy mileage.

More importantly, I will outline exactly how you need to progress (adding more repetitions/sets and more advanced exercises) so you never stagnate and continually develop.

The program includes 22 running-specific strength routines, 90 percent of which do not require any gym or equipment. However, they are guaranteed to dramatically increase your race-specific strength and keep you injury-free. You’ll also get access to our in-depth injury guides and strength training prevention and rehab exercises for 10 of the most common running injuries.

See everything that is included in the Strength Training for Runners program here

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Improve Your Running Form


We help you learn how To run with proper form to increase efficiency, run faster, and stay injury-free.

To do this, we start by conducting an in-depth video analysis of your current running technique while also teaching you the basics of running biomechanics. We’ll educate you by using an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that breaks down each aspect of the gait cycle into easy to understand sections.

No marketing, no bullshit. Just proven information verified by the latest research on running mechanics.

Once you’ve had your video analysis and understand the elements of proper form, we’ll assign you very specific drills, strength exercises, and dynamic stretches designed to help your body develop the strength, flexibility and awareness to move through the gait cycle as it was designed.

This structure and progression will address your strengths and weaknesses to develop a biomechanically sound running style adapted to your biological uniqueness.

See the exact lessons, modules, exercises and learn more about how the course works here

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Marathon Nutrition


Tired of hitting the wall during the marathon?

We provide you with a step-by-step formula to calculate your exact fueling, hydration and electrolyte needs and then help you develop an individualized race nutrition plan that tells you exactly how much, when and what products to eat and drink during the marathon to avoid the dreaded marathon bonk. Here’s how it works…

  • Our one-of-a-kind calculator (that’s not hyperbole, try finding anything like it) calculates your exact glycogen, hydration and electrolyte needs, to generate your specific fueling plan. We even let you tell us which gels and drinks you want to take and we’ll tell you how much and when you need to eat and drink throughout the race to prevent hitting the wall or getting an upset stomach.
  • Now that you have the plan, we help you practice and execute the plan. So, we tell you exactly how to practice, how to tweak when things go wrong and how to teach yourself, through nutrition, to burn fat more efficiently as a fuel source.
  • Then, we walk you through the taper. Providing you with a carbo-loading calculator that tells you exactly how many calories, carbs, proteins and fats to each each day leading up into the race.
  • We also provide guidelines for how to tailor your nutrition during training, including how many calories, carbs, proteins and fats to each day to avoid overtraining, lose weight, and maintain performance.
  • Finally, we have a specific section on supplements. Which ones you might need, which ones to avoid and what supplements have some hype, but aren’t yet conclusive.

Are you ready to vanquish the marathon bonk for good?

How the RunnersConnect Custom Schedule Works

Step 1. Start our in-depth interview process

We start by having you fill out our in-depth interview. Think of it as the e-harmony of training plans. We gather as much data about your previous training, current fitness, and goals as we can. Then we ask some specific questions about your preferred running days. When do you do your long runs, what days do you like to have your workouts, do you want strength work and cross training to be included in your plan? We also factor in tune-up races and any other issues that might influence your training. Your training plan will then be customized specifically to your goals, fitness, and training history.

Step 2. Check out your new plan and start training

Your training will be written from the day you sign-up through your goal race (free trial users can only see the first 14 days). Each pace will be specifically assigned to elicit optimal benefits and every workout comes with a specific explanation of why you’re doing that session and an in-depth article on how to execute should you have any questions.

Your schedule is also customized to your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re lacking in endurance, your workouts are focused on building your threshold. Short on speed? Your training plan will include a speed development segment.

Step 3. Log your workouts and get feedback

Log your workouts via our training platform and share with the community. Our expert team of coaches will provide feedback after your workouts, answer your questions, and help you adjust your schedule if needed. See how it works in this quick video.

Step 4. Stay motivated and enjoy training more

We help keep you in track by emailing you if you miss a few workouts in a row. We can send you text messages the night before your workouts so you always know what’s next on the schedule. You will stay motivated with the support and feedback from your new teammates training for the races and who have the same goals. Training will never be the same again!

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Need more info? Here’s an in-depth breakdown with helpful case studies and videos that give you a peek inside:

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How Personal Coaching works

Step 1. Finding a coach

Once you’ve signed up, you have the choice of selecting one of our coaches to work with, if they are available, or having us pair you with a coach who we feel fits your personality and goals. All of our coaches focus on creating a very positive and open coach-athlete relationship and we want you to be completely comfortable with who you’re working with. So, if you have any hesitations, we would be glad to discuss them with you.

Step 2. Consultation

After meeting your coach, you’ll begin the initial consultation, during which time your coach will learn as much about your running background, goals, and time commitments as possible. The consultation will be conducted via email or phone, whichever method works best for you, and there is no limit on the back and forth communication throughout the entire training cycle. We want to make sure we get things right every time. The more information you provide to your coach, the better they can tailor the schedule to you.

Step 3. Training Schedule

After the consultation, your coach will begin writing your training schedule. First, your coach will develop a long term plan in “pencil” with your goals and the road-map on how to get there. Your coach will then detail out the first three or five weeks of training in your training document with all goal paces, distances, and supplementary work. By keeping the training blocks at 3-5 weeks, it allows your training to flexible and easily adjustable. Your coach will return the first training schedule to you within 24 hours, unless it is a very busy time, in which case they will let you know beforehand.

Step 4. Review

Once you receive the training schedule, review it and make sure you understand all the workouts and it fits your expectations. If you have any questions or require any adjustments, get in touch with your coach and they will adjust as necessary.

Step 5. Execute

A training plan is only as good as the person who can follow it, so do your best to follow the schedule. Certainly, we understand that this is never 100% possible; this is why you have a personal coach on your side! Do your best and don’t be afraid to ask any questions via email, phone, or text if you need help.

Step 6. Adjustments

Your coach will review your training whenever you need, but at least weekly if you don’t have questions, provide feedback, and make any adjustments on an unlimited basis. This ensures that you are getting the maximum benefit from each workout and recovering properly. Your coach will then take your progression and adjustments into account when they write your new schedule.


All the great features that come with a RunnersConnect membership…

  • Private social media tools to connect with fellow runners
  • Special members only training clinics, videos, and articles
  • Training groups and discussion forums
  • Contests and achievements



  • A personally created training schedule
  • Unlimited feedback and schedule adjustments
  • Unlimited contact – email, phone or text
  • Long-term planning and development
  • Race planning
  • Goal setting
  • Personalized race strategy

Crush Your PRs Now!

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